Tarndie Artist Residency

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The Tarndie Artist Residency will offer one artist/artist pair the opportunity to escape to the country for a 5 day retreat, with the purpose of supporting them in creating an entry for CrossXpollinatioN 2024. The successful artist will enjoy 5 nights of accommodation at The Farmer’s Cottage (https://www.tarndie.com/the-farmers-cottage) at the beautiful Tarndwarncoort homestead, on Gulidjan Country (Warncoort, Vic).

The residency will take place between November 2023 and February 2024on a mutually agreeable date for the artist and Tarndie, and will span a Wednesday - Monday period.

Available date ranges are:

15/11 - 20/11/2023, 22/11 - 27/11/2023, 29/11 - 4/12/2023, 6/12 - 11/12/2023, 31/1 - 5/2/2024, 7/2 - 12/2/2024, 14/2 - 19/2/2024, 21/2 - 26/2/2024.


  • The successful artist will have access to the Wheelhouse creative space and Dye Studio throughout the Residency if desired.
  • The successful artist is required to bring all own materials.
  • The Artist Residency provides an opportunity to actively engage with Tarndwarncoort wool growing and yarn production.
  • The Tarndie Residency is open to single artists or artist pairs only. No group applications will be accepted.
  • Success in the residency program does not guarantee a place in CrossXpollinatioN 2024- the artist/s must follow the application process for CrossXpollinatioN.
  • The successful artist/s agrees to acknowledge Tarndie and COPACC in all social media, completed work and other publications.
  • The successful artist/s agree that their name, images of work and written statement may be publicly used in Tarndie and COPACC promotions.
  • Residents are required to pay for their own food and transport during their stay, but there are no other fees associated with the residency.
  • To allow the successful artist/s to interact with members of the local textile art and craft community to share ideas and skills, the artist will be asked to participate in Tarndie’s “Crafty Sunday”- during the Sunday afternoon of the residency at Tarndwarncoort.
  • The successful artist/s must produce a one-page acquittal, outlining the impact the program has had on their project, and any personal musings of the residency.


How to apply:

Applications are now closed.