Current Exhibition


It is our 20th Birthday and to celebrate it and showcase some of the beautiful things that have taken place at the Centre over the years, COPACC's own Jill Sharp has crawled deep into the COPACC archives.

She resurfaced (a number of days later) with a collection of beautiful photographs and some other memorabilia that she collated and turned into a stunning exhibition.

This includes professional images by Brad Wilson, who in 2011 was commissioned to capture some of the activities and performances that came through COPACC that year. Many local faces and some of COPACC's absolute fabourites, captured beautifully in the moment. 

Find these images in our Gallery Exhibition Space, open Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm and 11am - 7pm on weekends.

 Birthday image gallery.jpg

The other part of the exhibition is located in the display windows of the Colac Family History Centre & Historical Society. It includes a number of portraits, focussing on local personalities, taken by a number of students from some of the local schools. Among the photographers is Cara O'Dowd, who today is an international fashion photographer.

These images can be viewed in the display windowsMon - Fri, 9am - 5pm (or until the last movie finishes) and 11am - 7pm on the weekends.

A Step back in time.jpg