Mary-Ellen Belleville

Mary-Ellen Belleville has ‘dabbled’ with textiles since completing her Bachelor of Education (Art & Craft) in 1979, majoring in ceramics and textiles.  At that time she exhibited in graduation student shows at the Meat Market, Melbourne and also exhibited at the Gryphon Gallery at Melbourne State College and at Distelfink Gallery, Melbourne. 

A career in the food and hospitality industry took over the creative juices and energies for more than 30 years.  However, keen to explore the myriad aspects of textile arts, Mary-Ellen continued attending artist workshops, exploring various textile arts techniques.

“Basically I love to ‘play’ with textiles and found objects, often collected whilst camping in the bush, or by the ocean.  This bower-bird activity led to a successful solo exhibition, DoLLyVARDENESQUE at Karingallery in 2018 of over 30 small sculptures based on the female form. I love to emphasise the natural beauty found in leaves, bark, stones – and instead of real ‘gemstones’ will often wear my found treasures as personal jewellery. The imperfections in nature can be stunning.  I also love upcycling or repurposing garments and materials".


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