Cinnamon Stephens

My name is Cinnamon Stephens and I am a self employed creative metalwork sculptor. My husband and I make a living from creating custom designed metalwork for people's gardens, homes and now...artwork to wear!

I have been welding my Cinnamons Art Jewellery designs for the past couple of years. Most recently has been the addition of locally found Sea Glass from our morning beach walks. I am also experimenting more with silver, to add to my copper and steel designs.

I have learned more and more about the tiny world of creating jewellery, and I love it! Especially when I see people proudly wearing my creations. 

I love to create a lifestyle where every day is different but still productive, so the addition of creating bespoke jewellery pieces has certainly done that!

Custom Designs Welcome.

WAM - cinnamon - jewellery green set.JPG

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