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Merry Go Round

By Brian Worsley

The aim of the exhibition ‘Merry Go Round’ is implied in the title - using recycled materials to create beautiful and fun objects.

It is aimed not only at children, showing them the possibilities, but also at parents and teachers.  It can assist children firstly in imagining an object, be it a building, a person, a bridge, a tree, or flowers, then working out how to build it, gather suitable materials and finally building it. 

The fun part comes with the decoration which could be conventional or as fantastical as you like - because it’s your own invention.  Not only does designing and creating promote hand/eye coordination and the ability to put colours together, children learn about teamwork when a whole class is given the task of creating a ‘village’.

The world is over-run with plastic, toys are often a short term wonder, and if we can encourage parents to look for, and children to ask for, playthings that can be reused and recycled to create, then that would be a wonderful thing and the purpose of the exhibition.

Dates: 24 May to 24 June 2018

COPACC Exhibition Foyer