Current Exhibition

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Origins of Adamas

Stan Wood member of the Kana committee approached a few of us to put on an exhibition to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Kana as we had done in the past.

In searching for a theme for the exhibition Jane Bear decided to to search for the symbols of a 60th Birthday or anniversary… her research led us to Adamas…from the Greek word meaning unconquerable and Invincible.

We thought this was a most appropriate symbol as it takes a community of volunteers, who are both unconquerable and invincible, to maintain a community festival for this long. So this exhibition is to honour the Kana Committee past and present who have so generously donated their time to keep this festival alive. It also honours all volunteers in every community in every area, as without volunteers communities do not exist.

Thank you to all the volunteers in our community and a thanks to the volunteers who have helped to put together this exhibition and the Colac Otway Arts Trail.

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